Do investment banks hire undergraduates?

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The Ordinary Shares, listed on the MTA market since March 5, 2019 and on the STAR segment since September 10, 2020, ISIN code IT0005359192, are freely transferable. The Special Shares are not listed and have no voting rights.

Italian and Austrian passport, she has in the international vocation and in the dialogue between different worlds the red thread of her professional and personal career. Graduated at the Sapienza University of Rome in Political Science, and with a Master in International Development, she moved between the Institute of International Affairs, the World Bank and the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, before moving on to a long career in the private sector.

She is part of various networks of dialogue and international comparison such as World Responsible Leader of the BMW-Quandt Foundation; Marshall Memorial Fellow of the German Marshall Fund; Conseiller du Commerce Extérieur de la France. She is among the top 100 digital women of Startupitalia and in the listing of

Erasmus generation, degree in Economics and Business in Pavia and MBA between SDA Bocconi and ESADE Business School, and a Master in Strategic Management in Banking at INSEAD, she starts her professional career in the consulting world first in SAP Italy and then in Deloitte Consulting, where she specializes in risk and capital allocation. In 2008 he joined the banking sector in Toscana Finanza where he gained a solid experience in the evaluation and management of portfolios of impaired loans and illiquid assets, becoming then, with the acquisition by Banca IFIS, responsible for the entire Non Performing Loans (NPL) area and developing the servicing platform.

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Almost every day people and companies invest billions of euros in bonds, stocks and mutual funds. Investment advisors are commercial agents who help their clients, whether individuals or companies, to invest their money wisely. They are also responsible for buying and selling securities on behalf of their clients. However, before an investment advisor can begin assisting investors, they must train themselves to achieve this job and its goals.

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Organization of forums and events on the territory aimed at customers of financial and insurance product distribution networks on the topics of financial education, territorial marketing and branding.

Design and implementation of preparatory courses for the exam to enroll in the Register of Financial Consultants and preparatory courses for the role of insurance agents and credit brokers (since 1991 through the founding partners).

Preparation of MIAC (Mifid Investment Advisor Certificate) and SEAC (Small Enterprise Advisor Certificate) training courses for the standardization of bank staff knowledge (affluent managers, small business).

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Design and implementation of compulsory IVASS / CONSOB training courses, both initial and refresher (fad + classroom) for staff who provide investment and insurance services (since 2007 through the founding partners).

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Paul si occupa della Distribuzione di soluzioni di investimento a Clientela istituzionale. Ha iniziato la sua carriera presso UBS nella divisione Wealth management e successivamente in HSBC nella divisione di Investment Banking. Prima di unirsi a Valeur, Paul ha lavorato in Tradition Group come Cross-Asset Derivatives Sales in Spagna, Francia e Svizzera.  Paul ha conseguito il Master of Science in Finance presso EDHEC Business School.

Marco ricopre il ruolo di Portfolio Manager. Ha iniziato in Valeur come investment advisor seguendo i mandati discrezionali. Prima di unirsi a Valeur, ha lavorato presso Credit Suisse in Italia nella divisione Private Banking. Marco ha conseguito la laurea triennale in Economia e Commercio con indirizzo mercati e intermediari finanziari ed un Master of Science in International Finance presso la London South Bank University.

Il Sito può contenere informazioni che si riferiscono direttamente o indirettamente a prodotti strutturati, nonché a organismi d’investimento collettivo che sono registrati in diverse giurisdizioni e che sono accessibili solo a persone residenti in paesi che consentono la distribuzione di tali tipi di organismi d’investimento collettivo: le persone che non soddisfano tali requisiti non possono accedere al contenuto di tali informazioni.  In particolare, le suddette informazioni sono destinate esclusivamente agli investitori qualificati ai sensi dell’Art. 10 Para. 3, 3bis e 3ter della Legge federale sugli investimenti collettivi di capitale (LICol) e ai gestori patrimoniali indipendenti ai sensi dell’art. 3 cpv. 3 cpv. 2 lett. c LICol con domicilio in Svizzera. Le informazioni sui prodotti summenzionati contenute in questo sito possono essere accessibili solo a – e sono indirizzate solo a – tale categoria di investitori e non possono essere diffuse pubblicamente. Di conseguenza, le persone che non soddisfano pienamente le condizioni di cui sopra non possono accedere al contenuto di tali informazioni.

Do investment banks hire undergraduates?
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